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We wanted to build a social network that made a real difference in the world and also recognized the value users (you) contribute.  A network where you have a choice about where the value generated from your online activity goes and what it is used for.

So we’ve created a platform that will distribute 50% of its profits to good causes and our users.

This is not a network designed to ask you to make charitable donations (although you certainly will be able to do so if you like) – it’s a network designed to make a difference as a by-product of our normal online activity. 

As well as making a difference we've also included some features which give you more control and privacy over your networking experience which you can read more about  here...

We are a young and small organisation (we’re a new type of organisation called a Social Enterprise) so there’s more work to be done and making a big difference will take time - but if you like the idea join, support, tell us what you like (or don’t like) and tell your friends and family about us too.

If enough people like what we’re doing and use this site, together we can change things for the better. As such Good Connection is the first ethical network where any and every interaction with our brand directly by users and readers benefits a good cause of their choice as well as the users themselves.

At Good Connection your every action; every photo shared, video watched, message sent, email received, newsletter read or blog written will help make a difference to you and something you care about in the wider community.

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